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If you want to try out new features, test if bugs are fixed, or just be on the bleeding edge, you can download our developers binaries. They can be quite unstable, depending on current development, so don't be supprised if your PDA crashes and needs to be reset when using one of them.

Latest Packages [2006-12-10 00:14] [2006-12-08 19:30] [2006-12-08 03:37] [2006-06-19 23:44]
More are in the padict nightly archive.
Stroke Database Updates [2007-09-08 20:02] [2006-11-08 03:58] [2006-11-07 04:21] [2006-07-17 11:08]
More are in the kanjidb nightly archive.
Unstable Dictionaries
Currently there are no updated dictionaries.