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Most of PAdict's dictionaries are based off the databases made by the EDICT project and Jim Breen. Thanks a lot for making this work available!

Ciaran Keating of Australia did much of the database search logic.

Once upon a time, JavaDict was created by Todd David Rudick. Robert Wells made jstroke based off this, helped by Owen Taylor. In turn, Ivan Kanis made PocketKanji based off these previous works, which PAdict adopted for handwriting recognition.

Stephan Matthiesen helped in revising the kanji recognition and making the database for kana recognition.

Kenji Baheux worked on Japanese PalmOS integration.

David Williams for par.

Some Japanese Palm Handhelds have been donated by Daniel Hauck to test Japanese PalmOS integration.

Alexander R. Pruss developed the palmresize code.

Eduardo Gonzalez has worked on keyboard support.

The website and documentation for PAdict 0.9.0 has been developed by Sudrien, with help from pretty much everybody contributing. Let's keep our Intarwebs clean, everybody.

Thomas Arendsen Hein, David Schneider, and Eric Kjeldergaard helped by bug-testing 0.9.0.

PAdict was created by Lars Grunewaldt. It is currently developed and maintained by Lars Grunewaldt and Benoit Cerrina.

This website and all contents, including the PAdict logo, are copyright © 2006 by The PAdict Project. All other trademarks are the property of their respective owners.