All files needed for installation are available from our SourceForge download page, including older releases.

All the files you need (including the standard dictionary) are in

You have to install at least: padict.prc, jstroke.pdb, jstroke_h.pdb, jstroke_k.pdb, radkfile.pdb and a dictionary.

Depending on your available memory and language preference, you have a few options available:
Edict English
Public - 20k entries
Our download page also has several other dictionaries available:
Edict English
Medium - 49k entries
Max - 110k entries Français
Wadoku Deutsch
Empty Database
Hispadic Español
Only one dictionary can be installed at a time. Entries saved to a Hotlist are kept independant of the current dictionary.
Low Resolution Devices
You must install pkanjifnt.pdb. Installing elisa.pdb, our smallest font, enables the multiple result browser. You can also install only elisa.pdb if you have no memory to spare, but the small font is very hard to read.
If you have some memory left, kjdef.pdb and taka.pdb enable the Kanji information screen and stroke order screen
High Resolution Devices (PalmOS 5)
On a high resolution device it really pays off to install KochiSubstMincho32x32.pdb for high resolution fonts. It's recommended to install pkanjfnt.pdb to get the multiple result browser.
If you have some memory left, kjdef.pdb and taka.pdb enable the Kanji information screen and stroke order screen
A Fontpack is available with highter quality, anti-aliased alternatives to KochiSubstMincho32x32.pdb
Native Japanese Devices
If you do not install any fonts, PAdict will use the PalmOS-supplied fonts.
However, the developers of PAdict think the PAdict fonts look a little bit better. If you have available memory, try out the fonts - especially if you have a high resolution device. Look in the previous sections for information what font files match your device best.
Memory Card Usage
If your Palm supports memory cards, you can move all .pdb files from main memory to the memory card. Because reading on memory cards is slower than reading from main memory, this will have an impact on PAdict's overall speed, especially if you move the font or dictionary databases.
PAdict will look for the files in the /Palm/Programs/PAdict/ directory, but /Palm/Launcher/ may be also be used. If you are looking for a free tool to move files to and from the memory card, you may want to try FileZ.