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There are several preference dialogues, mostly associated with the files installed to get their functionality. The are located in the menus of the browsing screen, the PocketKanji Screen, and the Kanji definition screen.

Browsing Screen Preferences

multiple result browser
[[result default image]]
You can select whether or not you want to use the multiple result user by default. If this option is switched on, the multiple result browser will be shown after searches.
search: auto switch mode
[[automode image]]
When turned on, the search mode jumps to kanji* as soon as you enter a kanji character to the search string. If there are only kana in the string, kana* is chosen for you.
Turned on by default.
kana search: kana corner tap
When activated, the voiced kana can be directly selected by tapping the upper right corner kana in the selection table in hiragana and katakana screens. Those like ぱ, ぴ, ぷ, ぺ, and ぽ can be added by tapping the lower right corner.
kana search: kana double tap
Tapping a kana in the hiragana/katakana screen directly adds voiced kana when this is activated - for example, tap は twice and get ば, three times to get ぱ. This option only works on PalmOS 3.5 or higher.
force Japanese OS support
[[Force Japanese OS image]]
If you have a Japanese-enabled palm yet do not have the "Direct" Romaji input option, enable this to get it. PAdict must be restarted after this option selected.
disable Romaji
[[disable romaji image]]
Removes the romaji "translation" in the standard browser window.
Show on startup
Here you can select what screen should be displayed when PAdict is started from the launcher.

PocketKanji Preferences

These preferences are available from the menu while in the PocketKanji screen.

PocketKanji quality
You can enable a higher precision for the PocketKanji recognition. It will improve the kanji recognition, but it takes a little bit longer, especially for kana.
Smooth Pen input
Tries to compensate for a shaky hand.
Auto-clear lookup
If activated, the PocketKanji kanji lookup results and the drawing area are automatically cleared when a result is added to the search string.
This counteracts kanji feedback.
Old Pen input
If the drawing window does not seem to be reacting like you would expect, enable this option and let us know that you needed it.

Kanji Definition Screen

On Yomi in katakana
Show On Yomi pronunciations with katakana - since they are foreign-based and all.